At Bukas Global Investments Limited, we offer Web Development and Web Designing Services Primarily. We provide quality programmers that can create real-life solutions to problems in the shortest possible time. Our programmers can work with a designated team or work on their own to provide quality results, all depending on the nature of the task or the contract assigned. Here at Bukas Global Investments, we recreate the Online replica of what you describe. Our dedicated team of programmers can get your website online in the shortest possible time, a genuine design for you alone, and give you the leverage to beat your market competitors in the way you have always wanted. We also offer educational services using private and general forum classes for web development to students who are interested in making a future or a hobby from web designing. We are working tirelessly to produce quality certificates to be issued to our students on completion of learning, this is aimed at improving the standards of learning.  


To all our clients, our job is to provide you with quality satisfactory products in terms of online service to stand out from your competitors. We brag about our infinite ideas to clients that; we can bot repeat a single design or idea to two clients. Each client gets a unique design. With our creative and ever attentive team, always ready to get feedback, ideas, and critics; you can be assured of a personified design and idea on your project.

Types of Project We Handle.

  1. Online Banking Website: Our priced treasure is our ability to make Portals for Online Banking & Financial Institution for Small and Medium Scale Businesses. Our designs are always unique, and our back end is always simple to be understood by admins with zero technical knowledge.
  2. Forex and Crypto Investment Websites: With our infinite ideas, we also boast of great investment websites involving Crypto and Forex. We actually work with your raw ideas here, because you have the business you’re venturing into at heart. Our Consult team is ever willing to help you create a virtual image of your website before we begin.
  3. Blogs and Forums: We make unique designs and ideas for forums and blogs to stand alone on a site or to be merged to a business website. All our Blogs and Forums come with optional features that you can come up with; it is basically us making what you think of.
  4. Courier / Shipping Website: If you have a shipping company and you are looking to go digital, we are your best ally. We make the best designs from simple to complex and automated courier sites to meet your taste and take your business to the next levels. Sample:
  5. Business / Company Websites: No matter what your company is about; from Churches, Bitcoin and Gift card Exchange, to Oil and Gas, to Textile, and what have you; we always have a unique personified idea of the design for you. Our business websites come with an optional customized email address to take your business to the next level of company marketing. Sample:
  6. School Websites: Our Programmers are always coming up with ideas for school websites because it is one of the primary features of Bukas Global Investments Limited itself. We can offer simple, to complex school portals, from online attendance to online lectures and online results. We are always growing, coming up with new ideas to serve you better.
  7. E-commerce Websites: Our Programmers and business analysts got you covered every time, we always have a unique design for your online shop. All the features you might want to add to your store, you just name it and watch us do the magic. Sample:

Student Affairs

At Bukas Global Investments Limited, we provide Quality Classes for our Free and Premium Students. We are constantly upgrading our system to accommodate the continuous innovations coming up. We give forum classes, and courses on various aspects of web development and programming including, but not limited to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. We are constantly looking to produce students that can stand the test of time in any web related environment.  

How to Apply

To be a student at Bukas Global Investments Limited, register an account and select Student as your Role. You will be further assisted with forum classes and courses you can take. Students are required to meet the have the following at the back of their minds;
  1. You must be at least 13 years old to register.
  2. Be aware that some courses and tutorials are not free, you might require to make purchases to have access to special forums.
  3. Note that your student plan is not the same as a course plan. A student plan enables you access to forums that are restricted, a course plan gives you access to new courses available.
Our website is aimed to deliver a standard interface to represent a brand that delivers web development services, hence we are always open to feedbacks from our esteemed members, so keep the feedback coming.