Here at Bukas Global Investments Limited, we deliver free/premium signals to subscribers for the purpose of foreign exchange trading in the stock market; even though no signal is 100% proof, we guarantee that our signals would lead to potential success.

We achieve this by our team of dedicated financial and economic scholars who have taken time to study the buy and sell, the bulls and bears in the crypto market, and stock market and hence, utilize this skill in the predictions of Buy and Sell of Digital Assets and Stocks.

We provide various methods for Students and Clients to involve in our Forex Trading; as always all our services are termed at accommodating both our Clients for business purposes and our Students for educational purposes.

We do not only sell Trading Signals, but we also organize tutorial classes for students who are interested in learning the Buy and Sell Predictions of Crypto and Digital Assets and Fiat.

We can boast of producing students who can independently soar in the Foreign Exchange Market by venturing into businesses involving the stock market.

We are also in business with individuals and bodies who are aware of the seem fewer opportunities involved in the Trading of Fiats but have little to zero knowledge on the predictions and analysis involved. We provide smart contracts, to assist members of such nature to reach their goals by taking Capitals in form of soft loans and agreeing on certain percentages to be paid and at agreed time intervals.


How Our Forex Trading Works

We have 3 Plans for Members interested in making a living from the knowledge of Forex & Crypto Trading. All your plans have their limitations, so you should be aware of what plans you are settling for before activating a Forex Trading Plan.  

Forex Signal Plans:

Clients on this plan will be privileged to receive signals for trades. This section best fits Clients ranging from individuals to organizations, either running personal Forex Trading or for other sets of people. Clients will receive free signals for 3 days before deciding to opt-in for the premium package as selected prices and deals. There is no need for a high level of Trading Knowledge; we provide Clients with Stop Loss and Take Profit Signals. You can decide to use any lot size, its as flexible as you can think of it. Note that we do not teach Clients in this section how to predict buy and sell, or formulate signals; we only give readily predicted signals to Clients.  

Forex Training Plans:

Students on this plan are given special training on how to monitor, analyze, and predict the rise & fall of these crypto and other digital assets & fiat. The Training Period may vary from Student to Student based on the agreement between Students and Coordinators; Students will be provided with quality materials to study and prepare them for the actual trading upon completion of training. At the end of the Training session, Students will be able to understand chart flows and predict properly the position and extent of a rise and fall in stock.  

Forex Investment Plan:

This is the Ultimate Plan. Clients in this session do not have to anything except investing. We give out investment offers regularly; interested Clients only have to invest in such offers, and then we trade on their behalf, bear the risks of losses that may arise, and pay a dividend that we have pre-agreed on. This is the business plan in our system, and it is constantly evolved to meet marketing demands and Forex expectations. This plan also does not teach clients how to handle the trades, or come up with the signals; this plan only helps Clients trade for investment purposes and pay dividends at the pre-agreed ratio.

Our System is Currently Upgrading, our Forex Section is also Constantly Upgrading. For more inquiries about the Foreign Exchange Trading, Contact us using our live chat.