After getting regular emails on the same topic, I decided to share a detailed guide.

Tho, You might have read tons of blogs on the Internet from Guide on a Blogging Career, to AdSense alternatives and the rest. But have you ever gotten it Steps after Steps – is a proven method?; in this article, you’ll be learning The Sarcastic Geek Approach to Successful Blogging


#1. Why Should I Own a Website?

Before venturing into this deal, you should first know the reasons why you need a blog/website.
I didn’t get a blog because Teejah was making money online, I had my reasons and got guidance and counselling from him.
So Why Do You Need a Blog?
• To Share Sports Info,
• To Share Blogger Tips,
• To Share Entertainment Stories,
• To Update Your Profile,
Try finding out why you need a blog first, and you’re sure on the right path to make money blogging.

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#2. What Do I Need For Blogging?

Now you’re sure why you need a website, and you know what niche and platform to host your blog on. You also have to consider this factor before you start a website. Do I have what it takes for blogging?
You should be sure, so you don’t go crashing your project barely halfway.
For an entertainment niche; are you vast in Info concerning the niche? can you afford at least a few of the gadgets? All these are things you should take into consideration to be able to make money blogging.

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#3. How to Become a Blogger that can Make Money Online.

Technically, you need a blog that can make money online to be a blogger that can make money online; but that’s all? Nah.
While growing your blog to the standard it can make money online, you should also groom yourself to be a blogger that can make money online – certain skills you should develop to be a pro blogger. You have to know how to make money online with your blog – Why Should You Use Google AdSense? Why not Affiliates? Or other Ad networks?
You should grow yourself to match your blog’s standard to be able to make money blogging. The bottom line, you should learn how to grow your Online Appearance and Authority.

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#4. Side Earnings (for Smart Bloggers).

Now your Pen name (eg. Gozkybrain Izuka) is a blogger that can make money online, and your blog (eg. www.gozkybrain.com.ng) is also a blog that can make money online. You have also succeeded in having an Approved Google AdSense running on your blog, probably with an AdSense Alternative to generate extra bucks. Great strategy but that’s not all; I’ve earned a lot more from side earnings than from ads. Side earning strategy is for the smart bloggers who know what they want and how to get it. If you’re good at writing, start freelancing – checkout for websites that pays you for writing and fill your pockets with play. It’s not a bad idea to develop on this – it’s one of the last steps on how to make money blogging.

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My name is Gozie Brain Izuka, and to all bloggers out there, I just want to make common sense; I hope I did.
Are there more steps or points you feel we didn’t touch? Take a minute of your time, send feedback to my email.

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