Full name: Izuka Chigozie Emmanuel (Gozie Brain Izuka). Nickname: Gozkybrain Izuka, Gee Brain.Date of Birth: 27th July 1998 Nationality: Nigerian (Imo State)


Hello, I’m Gozkybrain Izuka and I’m the CEO of Bukas Global Investment Limited. It is indeed with great honor that we announce our Official Website, Bukas Global Investments to the public.

I am a Programmer in the direction web development and database management, hence I’d be handling the web development aspect of Bukas Global Investments. I have gone through several phases of self learning in this field since 2010, and I am proud to say that I move with time in the aspect of programming.

  Over the years, I have been able to master the use of HTML, CSS, PHP and JS. I am still undergoing constant upgrades, I tend to see my brain as a machine that requires constant upgrades #Sarcasm.

My Job at Bukas Global Investments is to ensure that customers, clients and students alike get their desired job completed in good quality and at the right time.

Client Jobs on web development or designing would be handled by me or a team I’ll set up depending on the magnitude of the job. We at Bukas Global Investments are always aimed at quality and sustainability, not excluding constant upgrades.

Classes on web developments would be moderated partially, or wholly by me to make sure that we assume our peak.


Programming Skills



Step by Step Primary School, Alaba, Lagos. Saint Mary’s College, Ajangbadi, Lagos. Imo State University, Owerri (Industrial Micro Biology).


Positions Held:

Secretary General - Laurel Suite Hostels, Owerri (2018) Director of Environmental - NASS IMSU Chapter (2019) SUG Senator - Imo State University 17th Republic.


Contact: Facebook - WhatsApp - 08166983737 Instagram - @official_geebrain Twitter - @gozkybrain4u Email -


More About Me

I’m what you would want to call a Sarcastic Geek. Aside my geeky works here, I also enjoy sarcasm. I am a Relationship coach/therapist, so you should expect some blog and articles in that aspect from me.

I am also an Investor in various sectors of finance, growing a reasonable yet meaningful contact to aid our customers in whatever solutions they might need in terms of business management.

I am always improving, I am always learning and trying to find out what new things i can do. Feel free to send in feedback, we’ll always look at them.