A big Part of Bukas Global Investments Limited is the E-commerce Section.

With contacts with various stores and delivery services nationwide and abroad, we boast of a great e-commerce service for our members. The transformation of Daily routine buying and selling of goods from small to medium scale businesses can be facilitated with our services and partnership.


We provide links and reviews to stores with great products and services, we also ensure that we facilitate the delivery of these products to your doorsteps or that of your customers. This is attainable with our vast contact with stores and delivery services, we guarantee the safe delivery of your goods. We also provide clients with such services on their own stores so they can run perfectly even independently.

We provide business ideas and guide pattern for new members in the e-commerce universe. This is aimed at growing our partnership line.

We also provide time to time sales discounts and coupons for products both on our platform and on other stores. Our connections with various online and offline stores enable us to bring to the notice of our clients and students, coupons, and promotions that can be beneficial to their businesses.

Client Arena
Clients on Bukas Global Investments Limited interested in our e-commerce services are constantly provided with information through our email channels. We are connected to stores nationwide and abroad, this helps our client gain access to bigger deals. We do not only create stores and online presence for our e-commerce clients;
  1. we provide commodities for sale that might be scarce to find;
  2. we also provide a link to stores that give reasonable discounts;
  3. we provide delivery services for clients that need location abroad. Most stores do not ship to Nigeria, no problem, we’ll receive your package and ship them no your doorsteps;
  4. we provide deals for reputable clients. With our contacts and connections, we can secure e-commerce deals for clients who have a good reputation;
  5. ... and we provide ideas on all forms of online business. All kinds of businesses can be done online, so bring them to our desk.
Student Arena
We are not limited to the affairs of just clients, we are also included in the training and grooming of students in most aspects of e-commerce. Students on Bukas Global Investments Limited interested in making a living from e-commerce will be taught on the following...
  1. How to manage an Online Store;
  2. How to connect with Local Stores;
  3. The basic concept of Drop Shipping;
  4. How to come up with ideas for your Store;
  5. How to turn a Store into a Brand; ... etc.
Our classes are managed by specially trained experts. Students might be invited privately on WhatsApp or in person for more detailed classes; materials such as pdf are provided for self-training purposes. Online forum classes are also employed, all classes on Bukas Global Investments Limited need to pass a technical idea test before being approved so students expect only a quality standard.
Hot Deals
We are upgrading with time, and we are always taking feedbacks from our esteemed members. Please contact us using the live chat section.