Full Name: Izuka Favour Adaaku Chiwendu Lucy.

Nickname: Shaw Favour.

Date of Birth: 7th September 2001

Nationality: Nigerian (Imo State)


Darsco Primary School, Alaba, Lagos.
Jollat Model College, Lagos.



Positions Held:

Punctuality prefect- Jollat Model College, Lagos (2018)


Facebook –
Whatsapp – 07080897332
Instagram – @shaws_accessories
Email –



Hello my name is Shaw Favour and I am student, I live in Lagos city with my family. I run an E commerce Service on my Instagram page to boost my work and also get known. I deal on jewelries of all kinds.
I’ll be handling the e-commerce section on iBukas with Amba Faith, my twin sister. With business mindset and inclination from our family pedigree, i have built a meaningful contact for both importation, and transportation of products to customers in different states other than Lagos state.


Just like everyone has things that they are attracted to, a person has different hobbies,and doing different things that gives them joy.

Reading is something that gives me comfort and helps me relax my brain, I enjoy reading books from my tender age, it has helped be become abreast with a certain percentage of fact during any conversation or argument i get into.
This has also helped me grow my mindset in the aspect of businesses and financial breakthrough. Now i read any piece of article I stumble on, after all, no knowledge is a waste.

Dreams and Aspiration:

While many people have dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, and so on; I have always wanted to be a traveler. I really can’t remember when I fell In love with traveling but I have always wanted to go around the world and take pictures. That doesn’t look like a Typical Nigerian Dream so I also what to become a lecturer.
Teaching has always been my stuff. My parent have always supported my dreams, according to them, the only way to achieve all your goals is by working very hard and never give up on them.

I am always improving, i am always learning and trying to find out what new things i can do. Feel free to send in feedback, we’ll always look at them.