Full Name: Izuka Chibueze Bez

Nickname: Bez izuka.

Date of Birth: 23rd January ****

Nationality: Nigerian (Imo State)


Darsco Primary School, Alaba, Lagos.
Saint marys college , Lagos.



Positions Held:

ICT prefect- Saint marys College, Lagos (2016)


Facebook –
Whatsapp – 08186589140
Instagram – @normal_izuka
Email –


ABOUT Bez Izuka

Hello my name is Bez Izuka and I am student, I live in Lagos city with my family, but studying at the Federal Polytechnic Nekede. I am a bitcoin investor and also a forex/bitcoin trader and instructor.
I’ll be handling the Forex/Bitcoin Trading section on iBukas. With my experience, level and understanding in the foreign exchange sector, I’ll be giving my very best on Forex and bitcoin trading.



Just like everyone has things that they are attracted to, a person has different hobbies,and doing different things that gives them joy.

Online Research this is my only hobby that I’m aware of, maybe GozkyBrain would tell me some of my hobby later.
In my free time and even busy time i create out time for research as i derive my own happiness from it

Dreams and Aspiration:

While many people have dreams of becoming doctors, lawyers, and so on; I have always wanted to be a Geek or would i say a computer wizard. I really can’t remember when I fell In love with the computer but I have always wanted to go around the world and hold seminars teaching people about new things on the internet .

I am always improving, i am always learning and trying to find out what new things i can do. Feel free to send in feedback, we’ll always look at them.