With the world going global, and digital; I thought it wise to answer the questions customers and fans keep asking; why should I have own a website. It should be obvious, the question should rather be, why not? 

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog.

#1. An Online Brochure.

A brochure is a book or mag containing pictures and information about something or probably advertising something. Having a blog or website gives you the ability to own a space on the internet where you can showcase your personal photos or business.


  • More International Customers:  When you own a website recognized by Google and other search engines, you have also made the business which you run on the website reachable to clients from other part of the world through the internet. Take for instance, Gozkybrain sells Professional Web Development Services and uses gozkybrain.com.ng to create awareness for this. He is likely to also get clients from other countries because Bukas Global Investments is responsive on Google search.
  • Ability to run your office for 24hours on a virtual space: Banks actually close at 4:00pm daily. Just like banks, regular market sellers and traders have a designated time for closure and resumption of work daily. Running a blog gives you an edge over the others, because your blog never goes off. For the sake of differences in time zone, you have an advantage over your rivals (if your website offers international services). As such, your customers have an Easy Access to your office (i.e.. your blog) because it is on a virtual space and does not require a physical interaction for business to take place.
  • Customer care support with professional business standard: When you run a website for your business, you start to gain more customers.


#2. Influences your online appearance.

Apart from getting social media fans & followers, you’ll have to grow your presence on the internet through your blog fans and customers; to excel and make money online. Owning a website or blog gives you a great personality online, when your services are genuine.


  • Improves your personality with other Webbers: Once you own a website, especially one with a great content and a professional look, you start to meet other Webbers. This gives you a good interaction with other bloggers and webmasters in your niche, and also gives you a good name if you know what i mean.
  • Get the attentions from fans: You want attention? Then create a blog with your name and a custom domain. If you offer entertainments or a tutorial on your blog – then be sure to get fans talking about you. You’re talking of Linda Ikeji huh?
  • Upgrades your online presence among your peers: The moment I launched my first website way back in high school, I became a geek. It automatically elevated my status in relation to web issues, even areas I hadn’t learnt then. It really made me popular and I really enjoyed the status update.
  • Upgrades your status even far from your Geo zone: Not just does owning a blog upgrade your online status among your peers in your hood, it reaches far beyond your Geographical zone. Most bloggers on web tutorial niche should know Agrawal Harsh of ShoutMeLoud, this dude is from India but his works are really felt here in Nigeria too. That’s one of the things owning a blog can do for you.


#3. An income generator.

Running on an entertainment or tutorial niche, or whatever niche you’re good at. You’re almost generating funds from a 2nd source while still schooling or working.


  • An appealing landing page for e-Marketing: For instance you work with an affiliate company, you have the privilege of designing your blog as a landing page for the product you are advertising rather than the default features social media pages have. Its all about packaging, and it surely counts.
  •  A ground to monetize your passion: This is the category that favors people like me, a reason you should own a blog. Lets say, you’re a good writer or an entertainer, or probably a teacher; blogging is an avenue for you to monetize your passion through the different earning methods available all over the internet.
  • Location flexibility, unlike a paid jobs: Unlike a paid job, you can always run your business even when you’re on holiday and gain more fans. Change in location has technically no effect on your progress, and you can always take web breaks when ever you deem it fit to take breaks.


Recommended: The Sarcastic Geek Approach to a Successful Blogging Career


The above reasons are my own reasons I think you should own a website; are there more reasons you think one should blog? Please share them with us.

Just incase you consider creating a blog, contact Gozkybrain on 08166983737.  I hope you find this Article Helpful and Useful, take a moment of your time to drop a comment.

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